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Japan PRIME Trip: Prologue – To Kyoto and Beyond

In retrospect, I didn’t have a real concrete, educated expectation on what Japan would be like. In looking at pictures of Japan and hearing stories from people who have previously been there, I’d hear a lot about these historical sites scattered around Japan, hearkening to the Sengoku Era on back. I’d hear about these luxurious […]

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A Handful of Entrepreneurial Projects I’m Taking Part In

I was supposed to update this more often than I have been, but when the workload begins piling on along with the incessant need to pay some modicum of lip service to networking and job search shenanigans, blogging takes a back seat to more important work. Hell, even my work over at my anime music […]

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3 Takeaways from Serial Entrepreneur Joe Kaplan

One of the best things about going to grad school is getting the kind of exposure to a lot of speakers who’ve been in the trenches and can relate their experiences and the hardships that went into forming their business. This is even more important for entrepreneurship courses, where budding entrepreneurs often feel like they’re […]

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Strategy Detox – A Few Thoughts

It’s only been about three days since the end of the Competitive Strategy course, but I feel that it’s sufficient time to do a post-mortem analysis on how the class went. It makes a good introductory blog post, and I figure if I’m going to start somewhere, anywhere with my writings, it might as well […]

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