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Marketing Case Studies From the OC Night Market

This past Saturday, Penny and I went down to the OC Night Market held at the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, the Night Markets are patterned off the ones you find in Asia. In it, hundreds of vendors set up food stalls serving anything from […]

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I’ve Started A Board Games Website!

Terra Mystica

It was in 2008, after yet another a busy tax season. I had worked for the accounting firm for about 1.5 years and was looking to do something different. A coworker and I had tossed around some ideas for what we could work on while we were in the lull between busy seasons and decided […]

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The Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum – The New Realities of Early Stage Funding

The more I go to these kinds of entrepreneurial events and seminars, the more confirmations I seem to get about the common themes that crop up when talking to startup founders. For many entrepreneurs, there’s oftentimes no greater source of worry than having the capital to continue on with their venture, so startup funding is […]

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My Takeaways from Steve Blank’s Talk at UCLA

Steve Blank’s anecdotes and lessons that he’s shared with us through his blog have helped many of us (and by that, I mean entrepreneurs) figure out our businesses better and provide that wake-up call. For that, he has a sense of mystique about him and you can tell that the startup community treats him as […]

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My Group for USC Startup Weekend – Site Unseen – Takes First Place

As I mentioned in my last post detailing my entrepreneurial activities, from Friday night to Sunday afternoon just this last weekend, I took part in the USC Startup Weekend. In the time span of 54 hours, we got the opportunity to pitch ideas, select a project to work on, and make a workable prototype. I […]

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